Our Services

The practice offers a wide range of services which you can read about below

Asthma & COPD

Done by the nurses, Pharmacist and GPs

Blood Tests

We offer a blood test service at the practice between 07.30 and 11.30 Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week. You must be referred by the GP or nurse to have a blood test and you must contact the surgery to book your appointment. Remember to bring your blood form along with you to your appointment.

You can book your appointment online as long as you have got a blood test form.

Chronic Illness

The practice offers a number of clinics associated with chronic illness and patients will either be invited to attend or be referred by their GP as appropriate.

Community Midwife – by appointment

The community midwife’s antenatal clinic is run from the Byron Centre. The midwives can be contacted on 020 8401 3171 for advice. We have antenatal appointments at the practice for those expectant mothers who need to been seen by the GP and you will be told at what weeks during pregnancy you need to see the GP.

Contraceptive Advice

Including emergency contraception

Diabetic Clinic

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (with the nurse)

District Nurses

There is a district nurse team allocated to the practice. They provide nursing care for those patients of all age groups in their own home, to those patients who are housebound and need long term care, wound/ulcer dressing, insulin injections and care of patients who may be terminally ill.

The district nurses liaise with your doctor, other members of the healthcare team and social services to ensure the best possible care is provided.

If you would like to be referred to a District Nurse, please ask your GP.

Health Visitors

The health visitors give advice on preventative health. They have expertise in a wide range of healthcare fields, particularly those concerning expectant mothers and young children. They can be contacted on 020 8714 2750 or by ringing the Byron Centre on 020 8660 3915.

Menopause Group Discussion

What does Old Coulsdon Medical Practice offer?

Old Coulsdon Medical Practice hosts clinician led, face-to-face patient group discussion on menopause and the use of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), on a regular basis.

Over recent months there has been a much greater awareness of the issues many women face during the menopause. As a result, we have noticed an increase in the numbers of women seeking advice about this phase of their life.

We recognise that often conversations about the menopause, and in particular around taking HRT, take longer than the time available in a single nurse or GP appointment, as there is a lot of information to convey in discussing the benefits and risks of hormone replacement and in understanding the other interventions that can be helpful.

Therefore, we have set up regular group consultations where women can discuss this in more detail and share experiences with each other.

Please note that these sessions are aimed at people who are thinking about starting HRT for the first time.

When do the sessions take place?

The dates of the sessions will vary each month.

Sessions will take place in the evening from 6:30pm to 8pm and will be held face to face, at the practice.

What will the sessions cover?

  • How experiences of symptoms vary between people
  • How to manage these symptoms
  • Healthy Lifestyle Education
  • HRT and other treatment options
  • Risks and benefits of HRT

How can I take part in the sessions?

The sessions are aimed at people considering taking HRT for the first time.

If you would like to join us for a session contact Reception on 01737 558288. Please note that there are a limited number of places available for each session.

Once you've registered we will be in touch with you to confirm a date for you to come along to the practice.

Minor Surgery

This clinic takes place on Tuesdays from 3.00pm - 5.30pm. Please ask reception for more information about this clinic.

Mother & Baby Checks

These are carried out in a GP appointment when your baby is 8 weeks old and is immediately followed by a Nurse Appointment for your baby’s first immunisations.

Please note you must register your baby prior to his/her 8 weeks check. If he/she is not registered these appointments will be cancelled.

Please follow the link to register your baby