Please Allow Two Working Days

If the GP prescribes you medication, which you must continue to take over a long period of time, you will be issued with a prescription which has a repeat request on the right hand side. When your medication starts to run low you should request your repeat medication (at least a week before you run out). It will take the practice two full working days to prepare your prescription so please ensure you plan ahead.

There are five ways you can request your prescription. These are:

  1. Tick the medication required on the repeat section of the prescription form and drop it into the box in the porch. It will be ready for collection two full working days later.
  2. Via the link below. (You must register to use this service and information on how to do this is available at reception.)
    click here for patient access

  3. If you have lost the repeat section, you must come into the practice and complete a request form for your repeat medication which is on the reception desk.
  4. By fax: 01737 558 280.
  5. By post: If you would like us to send you your repeat prescription, please enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope.

You have two choices on how you get your medication:

  1. You can pick your prescription up from the practice (open Monday to Friday between 8.00am - 6.30pm) and then take it to the chemist. (Remember the practice requires two full working days to process your request.)
  2. You can drop off your request at the practice and pick up your medication from the pharmacy, or drop off your request at the nominated pharmacy and then pick up your medication from that nominated pharmacy. This option takes three working days but you must request to use this service and give consent. Pharmacies currently participating include Holmes, Clarshire, Boots in Coulsdon and Infohealth.

Please note we cannot accept repeat prescriptions over the telephone or via email.

Do ensure that you have sufficient medication to last over weekends and holiday periods.

Due to high volume we cannot always process prescriptions urgently.

If you are on repeat medication we must review your medication on a regular basis. A review date will appear on the repeat side of the prescription. Please see your GP when you see this date - DO NOT IGNORE IT.

Electronic Prescription Service

The practice offers the electronic prescription service which means if you order a prescription it is sent electronically to your nominated pharmacy which means you don't have to collect a signed prescription from the practice you can just request your prescription in the normal manner (detailed above) and then collect your medication from the nominated pharmacy. To use this service you must contact your preferred pharmacy and ask to register for the service. The practice still requires the same amount of time to prepare the prescription.

click here for patient access

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